How To Make Slice Face Effect In Photoshop

In this Photoshop tutorial, we’ll use selection and shape tools to create the 3D illusion of face sliced into a few parts and we’ll color in some shadows and make things seem much cool practicing a few tips and methods in Photoshop CC.

Images used:
Step 01
  • Open photoshop software
  • Go to the “File” menu and click on “Open”
  • Select the picture.
  • Go to the “Adjustment layer” and click on “Black & White” option.
  • Make sure that all the slider is on “0%”.
  • Now go to “Tool Bar” and select “Magnetic Lasso Tool”.
  • Make selection of the face.
  • Now click on the “Layer Mask” button so the face will be separate from the body.
  • Press “Ctrl+J” which make a copy of the same layer.
  • Go to the copy of “Layer mask” right click on the layer mask and click on “Apply Layer Mask”.
  • Name it “Slice From Here”.
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Step 02
  • Now go to the “Tool Bar” and “Select Ellipse Tool”.
  • Draw a round shape on the face with the help of “Select Ellipse Tool” as shown in the screenshot.
  • Name this layer “Cute 1”.
  • Do the same for the whole face and rename each layer (exp; cut 2, cut 3 & so on).
  • Now make a copy of all the “Cuts layers”.
  • To do so hold “Shift Key” click on the first cut then on the last cut it will select all the cuts layers.
  • Now press “Ctrl+J”.
2.1- (Click to Zoom)
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Step 03
  • Now “Turn Off” all the cuts layer.
  • Now we will use cuts copy the original cuts will be used later.
  • So first “Turn On” “Cut 1 Copy”.
  • Go to “Tool Bar” and right-click on “Path Selection Tool”.
  • Select the “Direct Selection Tool”.
  • Then click on the ellipse shape you will see small points on the edges.
  • Hold click on the top point and move up, make sure it goes outside the face.
  • Now hold “Ctrl key” and click on the cut 1 copy thumbnail(it will make a selection).
  • Go to the “Slice From Here” layer and press on “Ctrl+Shift+J”.
  • It will separate that piece from the face and rename it “Slice 1”.
  • Now delete the “Cut 1 Copy” layer.
  • Do the same process for the whole face.
3.1- (Click to Zoom)
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Step 04
  • Leave the “Slice 1” start from “Slice 2”.
  • Select the “Cut 2” and put it under the “Slice 2”.
  • Now grouped “Slice 2” and “Cut 2”.
  • Now select “Cut 3” layer and put it under the “Slice 3” layer and grouped it.
  • Do the same for all layers.
  • Select the “Slice 1” layer and select the “Move Tool”.
  • Use “Arrow Keys” to move the slice left or right.
  • Move all the slices as shown in the screenshot.
4.1- (Click to Zoom)
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Step 05
  • Now select the “Cut 1” and double click on the thumbnail of the cut 1.
  • “Style Layer” window will be opened then click on “Color Overlay” option and you can change color from there.
  • Now we have to make “Shadow” so select black color and take “Brush” from “Brush Tool”.
  • Make sure that the hardness of the brush is 0%.
  • Set the background according to your point of view.
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This how the final result looks like

Final Outcome
Final Outcome- (Click to Zoom)